Measuring the mobile web….eh.. How?

Google’s Profs have no clue

Measuring loading time on the mobile web is hard. Not sure if it was already in the original design, but from a performance measurement perspective they are kind of a black box.

Some companies start to play around and come up with some tools, however there is still no common way on measuring loading time on mobile devices. Latencies caused by providers are often terrible, and despite that, studies and insights into these are limited. Common knowledge and insights all starts with measuring the loading time in a way that everybody believes is the right way. There seems no common ground yet. And without proper indicators it is very difficult to raise awareness, steer and improve loading times. Let alone to understand your ROI of your improvements.

Yesterday Matt Welsh, a software engineer at Google, wrote a comprehensive story about the current status of measuring the mobile web. If you are a bit into the details it is worth a read. Main take-away: his team is aiming to define a common set of robust tools and best practice sharing for mobile loading time measurements. Let’s hope he is making some good progress as we need this drastically.

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