Mobile performance expectations

On behalf of Compuware (Gomez) Equation Research has surveyed over 4000 global mobile users on performance expectations and behavior. They creatively titled it: “What users want from Mobile”. It is reassuring to read in the introduction of their research that the main item we evangelize at speedprofs.com as well: Speed is important for your business. So it holds for mobile performance.

The survey “What Users Want From Mobile” also revealed how unsatisfactory mobile web and application experiences can negatively shape a consumer’s opinion of an organization.

The most interesting outcome is that 74% is not willing to wait longer than 5 seconds on a page to load. Combining this with the average loading time of mobile web pages this is striking! Did you check your loading time on mobile devices? Serious business is lost and companies need to invest to keep their customers.

And although GIGAOM claims help is on the way because of dual-core chips and 4G networks – this won’t help much yet. And likely once these have become “commodity”, page features and sizes have grown again as well. So it shows to succeed now, as well as in the future, it means you need to spent quality time and resources on optimizing your mobile (web-)application.

Some more conclusions from this survey are nicely shown in this infographic.

Read the original press release or get full access (by leaving all your details) to the survey results.


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