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Today the third WPO chat took place with some very interesting topics. WPO chat is an initiative for Web Performance Optimization Professionals. The intention is to use Twitter with hashtag #wpochat. Their official “about” from the website

The rapidly growing #Webperf worldwide community – at Meetups, Conferences and on Twitter is a lively and engaging grassroots community. The concept of faster websites has broad appeal – and this is why people who like in one of the cities with a meetup or can attend Velocity enjoy the more conversational and social time to learn and share. The mission of the #WPOchat is to provide a regular forum for enthusiasts around the world to come together to learn and share

Aaron Peters from the Netherlands (hoerah!) moderated the third event and the following questions have been discussed:
Q1 We all know we should reduce HTTP requests but does there come a point where a large resource should be split in two?

Q2 How would someone who runs a mid-sized website determine if a CDN makes sense for them?

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We won’t repeat the full discussion as this is perfectly available on You can read the full Twitter stream. Next chat is scheduled for Monday July 25th at 3pm ET or 8pm London. So block your agenda!

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