Mobile data optimization: meet Onavo

Last week at TNW Conference I met the guys behind an interesting company called Onavo. They have positioned themselves very well, and honestly I think they can become big quickly as their viral effect is huge (you can save money!). Basically they have built an iPhone App to reduce your downloads. Or the way they phrase it:

Onavo’s first app, launched in April 2011, connects your iPhone to our cloud-based technology, dubbed the “magical shrinking machine”. It’s totally seamless – once you install it you can go back to using your phone as before. In the background, your data usage from all apps is compressed so that you get more bang for your buck.

Interesting concept, but not sure how long it will take before the mobile providers have built this technology into their platform. Many are working on it to avoid cloaking of their networks. So until that time; when you are abroad and you have to pay for every single MB we suggest you turn on Onavo. The App is free for now, but later on they will likely charge for it. BTW – important footnote is that their obviously their magical shrinking machine so far doesn’t support imagery or videos. So don’t count on them for those downloads!

Here you can watch their interview from thenextweb conference where they won the startup award in the mobile category.

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