Loading time Infographic by Kissmetrics

Kissmetrics, a marketing blog, put a neat infographic together on loading time and the impact on the bottom line. The infographic is based on a qualitative research (they did a survey) executed by Gomez and Akamai. Hopefully soon we’ll see these kind of graphics based on real customer behavior, instead of asking what people think.

However still we do want to share this one here with you as well. Although numbers are high-level, still they trigger hopefully the thinking. Speed is important! They have isolated nicely some figures about mobile loading time issues; for me it is interesting to see that 50% of mobile users are still willing to wait for 10 seconds for the page to load…… not sure if that is really true!

See the original – full width infographic on the kissmetrics website:


In case you are interested you can read theĀ ROI section to read more about loading time and the impact on the bottom line.

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