Actual internet speeds revealed

Google has made a major step in making internet performance transparent by visualizing 300TB of measurement data. It got the data from M-Lab, a collaborative effort by scientists and Google that launched in 2009. Over the last two years, M-Lab has operated a distributed testing platform that scientists can use to launch experiments on a great number of connections.
The research is significant, because it is the first time that actual internet speeds are published. Previously, only advertised internet speeds were known and these are usually not on par with reality.

The results in itself are remarkable as well and yield some interesting facts. Even in the US there are huge differences in average download throughput between states. Delaware tops the ranks with an ample 11 mbps connection, while Montana citizens only have a quarter of that bandwidth at their disposal. In North-West Europe the speeds are consistently high, but the rest of Europe varies greatly as well.

Hopefully M-Lab will soon find enough measurement locations in Brazil, India and China as the actual speed for 600 million internet users is still unknown.

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