YSlow for Chrome released

Chrome has become a very popular browser among web developers. Therefore it is good to see that Yahoo has been making their top plugin for Firefox now also available for Chrome. Yes, most of us are familiar and will embrace this plugin.

From the blog of Yahoo about the beta release, we summarize the key take-aways:

  • Consistent user experience with YSlow for Firefox.
  • Added the ability to detect post onload components, including for pages that prevent itself from being embedded and/or iframed. (experimental)
  • Support for 3 main rulesets: Default YSlow V2, Classic V1, and Small Site or Blog as well as the ability to create new ones based on these 3.
  • Offenders in CDN rule are now listed as domains only.
  • Runs multiple YSlow instances (new windows). This feature is excellent for comparing YSlow results for different pages side-by-side as shown below.

Let us know your experiences.

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