Interview CEO Akamai — Paul Sagan

Technology Review has covered a short but interesting interview with Paul Sagan, the CEO of Akamai. He claims that his company, worlds leader in Content Delivery Networks, delivers about 15 to 30% of the World Wide Web traffic!

A few interesting quotes:

“If you think as capacity as the sum of the last miles, rather than wherever the narrowest point is at any given time, capacity is much greater.”

“People are putting huge investments in data center capacity. And they’re putting huge investments in the last-mile networks. Why? There is huge money to be made in both. In the middle, there’s not a lot of money to be made….but our view is, if you skip the middle, the Internet will continue to scale along.”

“(about video).. the bandwidth is varying a little bit in the background, and we’re delivering an uninterrupted picture.”

The interview with Akamai’s chief in Technology Review can be accessed in full here (only for TR subscribers).

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